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“Open When” Letters for Your Spouse

If you’ve been keeping up with the 14 Ways to Love Your Spouse Challenge on Instagram, you know today’s challenge was to write a love note for your spouse! If you want to go the extra mile, try creating “open when” letters that your spouse can open on for a future milestone or whenever they need some encouragement. The rules are simple:

  1. Only open when the letters apply
  2. Only open ONE a day
  3. Hold on to them when you’re done so you can look back on them

Keep reading for some ideas on what to write in your letters to your spouse!

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Open When…

1. You Get This

Wish them a happy anniversary or Valentine’s Day if you’re giving it to celebrate a special holiday! Explain how the rules work and remind them how much you love them!

2. You’re Feeling Sad

Tell them a funny story, include a picture or a meme, remind them things will get better.

3. You Want to Know Why I Love You

Remember Day 3 of the love challenge? Include the list of reasons you love your spouse in this letter.

4. You Feel Lonely/Miss Me

Include pictures of sweet memories, remind them you’re just a phone call or a text away and that you’re always there for them.

5. You’re Mad at Me

Say you’re sorry for whatever happened and that you would never do anything to hurt them. Let them know you still love them and they can talk to you whenever they’re ready. Reassure them that you’ve made it through hard times before so you can get through this too!

6. You are in a New Place

Include a quote from The Hobbit, Narnia, etc. Remind them it’s an opportunity for growth and adventure. Reminisce on how much fun you’ve had being in a new place before.

7. You are Sick

Wish them well, add a cute pun or picture to brighten their day. Maybe include some tissues or cough drops.

8. You Need Motivation

Remind them of their goals/the bigger picture and that all the hard work will be worth it. Assure them that you will support them no matter what. Encourage them by listing their strengths and how much you believe in them.

9. You Need a Laugh

Share fun memories, inside jokes, or a silly picture. Tell them a funny story or a cheesy joke.

10. You Feel Hopeless

Include a Bible verse or an inspirational quote. Remind them of other trials they’ve overcome and how they can get through this too. Let them know that you are always there for them and things will get better!

11. You Can’t Sleep

Print out a bedtime story they can read. Maybe even put some drops of lavender oil on the letter!

12. It’s the End of a Long Week

Congratulate them on making it through the week and let them know how proud you are of them! Say how excited you are to spend the night/weekend with them.

13. You’re Bored

Suggest getting outside or going for a walk. Give them a riddle to solve. If they’re artsy, give a drawing prompt and a scratch piece of paper for them to sketch on.

14. We Buy Our First House

Reminisce on where you lived before, say how proud/excited you are. Dream of all the memories you’ll share in your new home.

15. You’re Stressed

Include bubble wrap or a stress ball. Tell them to pause and take a few deep breaths, ask if there’s any way you can help.

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Of course, you can customize these any way you see fit. The idea is to write notes that are special and unique to your relationship! Find ways to include special memories or jokes only you two share. Hopefully this list will give you a good starting point or inspire ideas for your own “open when” letters!

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