Happily ever after Epcot Engagement Trip

The Beginning of Our Happily Ever After

If you missed the story of how Alex proposed, check it out here first!

After Alex proposed to me, he surprised me with a trip to Disney! What better way to kick off our happily ever after than to go to the happiest place on earth?! Once I got over the initial shock of having a ring on my finger and this thing called a fiancé, we made our way over to Orlando to celebrate! Although let’s be honest, I didn’t really get over the shock until like three months later…

I still remember sitting in the car at a gas station and facetiming with my mom to tell her the news! It was probably the most excited I had ever been about anything. Although it wasn’t much of a surprise to her because she had a dream that he proposed to me the night before! I guess mother does know best hah!

Happily ever after Engagement Ring

Epcot Engagement Celebration

Our first stop at Epcot was to get some “happily ever after” pins. Pretty much every cast member will tell you congratulations, and some people even thought we were celebrating an anniversary! I also couldn’t resist getting the wedding Minnie ears. I’m a child, I know. But you also only get to do this once so why not go all out?

Happily ever after Canada selfie
Happily ever after here comes the bride
Who do you think wore it better?

The festival of the Holidays was going on while we were there, so we grabbed some pictures with the Christmas decorations. We spent most of the day going on rides, exploring the different countries, and just trying to soak in the fact that we were getting married!

Happily ever after Christmas in France
Happily ever after kisses in France
Happily ever after Epcot Festival of the holidays tree
Happily ever after a greenery snowman

Our dinner reservation was at Monsieur Paul’s in the France pavilion. I never thought I would be able to eat there because it seemed way too exclusive. It was pretty pricey, but the food was delicious. Since we were celebrating, they got us a table with a perfect view of the fireworks show! Alex had salad, sea bass, and some meringue dish for dessert. I had butternut squash soup, roasted duck, and the most delicious melty, halzenutty chocolate bomb of a dessert ever. We will definitely be going back there again!

Happily ever after Monsieur Paul's Menu
happily ever after meringue dessert
happily ever after chocolate dessert

It was a short but fantastic trip! This guy seriously went above and beyond to make this day special for me, and I will never forget it!

Happily ever after pin

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

And because I can’t resist, here’s a few pictures from the day before when Sheridan and I went to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party! I had no idea what was coming…

happily ever after Clarabelle float
happily ever after Goofy float
happily ever after Mickey float
happily ever after Santa Claus

Meeting my spirit animal, Eeyore… and Piglet really liked my Christmas ears!

happily ever after me and eeyore
happily ever after me and piglet
happily ever after Pooh and friends

Stay tuned to see what Alex and I did for our wedding shower!