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April Wedding Shower

This time last year, our wedding was only 48 days away and it was time to start celebrating with a wedding shower! Instead of doing just a bridal shower, Alex and I decided to make it a party for the men and the ladies! Since we were long distance for our entire engagement, we wanted to do as many events as possible together. Plus, getting the bridal party together is always a good time! All of our friends and family were able to come which made it even more sweet and special.

I put one of my bridesmaids and my maid of honor in charge of planning, and the shower was so much more than I could have asked for! Of course, it was brunch themed so we had pancakes, bacon, eggs, and grits specially catered from one of my favorite restaurants in Tallahassee. If you ever visit Tally, go to Paisley’s! Hands down the best cheese grits you will ever have. We had so many leftovers I probably had a bowl of grits every day for the next week, and I’m not complaining!

Sheridan surprised me with a visit from one of her friends and professional photographer, so we got plenty of amazing photos to remember the day from!

Wedding Shower Kisses
Wedding Shower Alex and Cait in a Treehouse
Wedding Shower Alex and Cait Kissing
Wedding Shower Alex and Cait holding hands
Wedding Shower Swingset
Wedding Shower Alex and Caitlin Swinging
Wedding Shower Alex Pushing Cait on the Swings
Wedding Shower Groomsmen Lifting Groom
Wedding Shower Groomsmen Holding Groom
Wedding Shower Groomsmen Chatting
Wedding Shower Groomsmen
Wedding Shower Alyssa and Caroline
Wedding Shower Groomsmen Walking
Wedding Shower Groomsmen Brick Backdrop
Wedding Shower Bridesmaids
Wedding Shower Bridesmaids Laughing
Wedding Shower Bride's Family
Wedding Shower Bride and Family Walking
Wedding Shower Bride's Family Portrait
Wedding Shower Groom's Family
Wedding Shower Groom's Family Talking
Wedding Shower Groom and Mother of the Groom
Wedding Shower Uncle Phil
Wedding Shower Groom's Extended Family
Wedding Shower Countdown
Wedding Shower Presents
Wedding Shower Guests Laughing

We played a bunch of fun games too. On the gift table there was a miniature bucket and slips of paper for each guest to write down something Alex and I should add to our “bucket list.” These were so much fun to read aloud to everyone at the end of the shower! There were also hidden rings around the house that guests had to find and whoever found the most won a prize.

Wedding Shower Ring Hunt
Wedding Shower Rings

We also played a game called “He said, She Said.” Everyone was given a printout and had to guess if a statement described me or Alex. This one brought a lot of laughs and may have revealed a few surprises about us! I’ll admit, I definitely initiated the first kiss…

Wedding Shower He Said She Said Results
Wedding Shower He Said She Said
Wedding Shower Mustache
Wedding Shower Tie Breakers
Wedding Shower Playing Games

The last game we played was probably one of my favorites. Mostly because it was Disney related, but there were also a lot of laughs involved! We each got a list of quotes and we had to match them to the Disney movie they were from. I was super excited for this one but also a little nervous. I mean I can’t lose a Disney-themed game at my own wedding shower, that would have just been shameful. Well, it turns out I blew everyone else out of the water- except my sister! We were the only two to get every question right and it turned into the most epic tie breaker showdown ever. We kept tying in every tie breaker question and even when we tried rock, paper, scissors we would play the same thing! Must be that sibling telepathy or something… I decided to just let my sis take the prize because we had plenty of presents already!

Wedding Shower Rock Paper Scissors
Wedding Shower Rock Paper Scissors Tie
Wedding Shower Disney Game

But before the party was over, we had to have a sweet treat! No party is complete without cake, and it gave us some good practice for the wedding ;). I think everyone would agree this cake was probably one of the best cakes they’ve ever had. And yes, it was gluten free! It was from a vegan bakery in Clearwater, and the ombre frosting and rosettes were the perfect nod to our upcoming wedding!

Wedding Shower Cake Cutting
Wedding Shower Cake
Wedding Shower Cake Cutting Portrait

After the party, everyone was sent home with an adorable succulent with a tag that read “let love grow,” a glimpse into some of the greenery we would have at our wedding and a sweet reminder that this was just the beginning of our love story!

Wedding Shower Favors

My ladies did an AMZING job planning such a memorable wedding shower. It is definitely one of my favorite memories of the wedding planning process because all of our friends and family were able to come together and celebrate with us. And the gifts were pretty awesome too :).

Wedding Shower Opening Gift Bag
Wedding Shower Tissue Paper
Wedding Shower Bride Reading Card
Wedding Shower Unwrapping Gift
Wedding Shower Reading Card with Bow
Wedding Shower Bride Opening Card

Stay tuned for a post on some of our favorite registry items!

Wedding Shower Bride's Ring

Photography by Alana Frierson